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Interested in having me teach at your event? I'd love to! I am available for any size event, from private to large. I have a lot of experience in many different areas in regards to both community and industry needs. If you are interested in something you do not see here, please contact me for more information.

Rope Education
From the fundamentals of rope bondage to elaborate and extreme rope art, there are many avenues for creativity and themed bondage. We as enthusiasts can explore and further our own passions in this endeavour no matter what skill level. I provide learning experiences for the novice and experienced player wanting to learn more refined techniques to add to their knowledge. Please contact me for a list of my current classes.
Basic to Advanced Play Piercing
I was a professional body piercer for 11 years, a former member of CoRE, and a current member of Embrace Chaos. I continue to pierce for performances and for private rituals. With over 18 years of piercing experience and education, I can accomodate any skill level for your group. Classes cover topics such as basic blood borne pathogens, piercing safety and procedure, advanced piercing technique, needle bondage, hook suspension, and after care.
SM Education
What can I say, I love corporal! Interested in knowing how to safely push your bottoms limits while doing edgy play? I provide educational experiences in ways to bring the intensity up to torture or pleasure your object of desire. Classes include topics such as punching, kicking, caning, subtle ways to intensify any scene, and even classes on stretching and aftercare. Contact me for more information.

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